About Us

Ocean Import & Export is established in 1994, a firm that brings world-class design to Qatar and Gulf area.

Every vision starts from an idea, then every idea into reality and through hard work and perseverance becomes to success. That is our core vision and mission that gives our company’s integrity and credibility.

Since the beginning we offer a wide and various collections of high end classical, contemporary and modern furniture and accessories to our clientele depending on their preference, style and needs. And through the passage of time we aimed to innovate and to improve our services and expertise to cope up with our targeted market.

Our reputation in handling “Turn-Key” projects which was enhanced throughout the years makes us one of the pioneers and leaders in the field of industry of Interior Design Consultancy and distributor of high end furniture in the Middle East region.

We believe that a full service interior and furniture design is provided to create the inspiration with original, high quality and elegant designed homes that meet the customer needs. With this belief we aim to work harder to improve and to remain true to our legacy of success, client satisfaction and credibility.

By working hand in hand with our trusted partners globally such as in the United States of America, Europe (Italy, Spain, Portugal, Turkey, etc) United Kingdom (England & London) and Southeast Asia (Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.) and China, make us recognizable in providing precious and refined high end furnishings collections.